Prvobitni sajt NBCG:


Though a relatively small country, Montenegro has a rich history and culture of which, among other things, testifies its National Library “Đurđe Crnojević”. It has been named after the ruler of Montenegro who in 1493 founded the first state printing house in the world.

During its development, the library has undergone various changes, but for all the time and duration of its existence it has represented one of the cornerstones of Montenegrin independence, tradition and culture. From 1592/93 when 42 books were listed in the Cetinje Monastery to the modern times in which it has got a modern central depot for storing library holdings on large surface area, the library has represented a place where all important written evidence of Montenegrins and all the other people living in Montenegro has been collected. It is the core of the remarkable material published abroad as well.

The National Library of Montenegro “Đurđe Crnojević” is located in Cetinje, in two distinctive buildings built in the early twentieth century to serve the needs of Italian and French diplomacy in the Kingdom of Montenegro. These architectural pearls that have been designed by famous architects Corradini and Paul Gaudet.

Today this institution holds a library material sorted within three units: Basic Fund, Museum Fund and Special Collections, as well as some valuable legacies. It is the parent library to the public and university libraries in Montenegro. This unique temple of books cherish extremely developed international cooperation that is reflected in the exchange of publications, joint projects and participation in the work of a number of associations and institutions practicing library activities. The National Library holds a Digital and Virtual Library of Montenegro that enable the usage of written heritage in electronic form. In addition to the basic activities, it organizes events from different artistic fields thanks to which it complements its social role, being known as one of the most important factors on the cultural map of Montenegro.

Montenegrin state has been founded on the letters as well, and its National Library is proud to inherit traces of the Crnojević’s printing house, as well as centuries of literacy that existed and flourished on its soil. Today it is the elite cultural institution whose mission goes far beyond its basic activity. It has an inevitable cultural and educational role in the country and the reputation of a reliable partner in the field of culture abroad.



Bogić Rakočević
Director of NLM “Đurđe Crnojević”