Prvobitni sajt NBCG:


An exhibition of costumes, jewelry, photographs and archival material “A Portrait of Tradition” by author Srđan Milošević, organized by the Cultural Artistic Society “Njegoš” and the National Library “Đurđe Crnojević” was opened the last night at the Ceremonial Hall of the Library in Cetinje by culturist Luka Milunović.

Since 110 years of existence of the Cultural Artistic Society “Njegoš” have been marked in September, Milunović pointed out that this society is one of the few in Montenegro with such a continuity and duration.

“We cannot know with complete precision when the company was founded, but based on the available documentation we can say that it was fully established in September 1907”, Milunović explained.

This rare jubilee is, as he thinks, an evidence of existence and successful work on nurturing, representing and spreading the tradition of the Montenegrin people, through the customs and art of folk dance, songs and music.

“Through the period of the last 11 decades we have encountered with the testimonies of hundreds of engaged members, achieved results, numerous acknowledgments, and the jubilee we celebrate can also be a cause to question the path we have passed trying to point to the guide marks of behavior in the times that are right in front of us”, Milunović said.

The exhibition is open until December 21 and visitors will be able to see about 200 photographs of the Society from different periods, parts of the folk costumes, unique jewelry, newspaper articles, gratitude notes, diplomas, awards and recognitions obtained at various competitions and folklore festivals in which the Cultural Artistic Society “Njegoš” has participated.