Prvobitni sajt NBCG:


The director of the National Library of Montenegro “Đurđe Crnojević”, Bogić Rakočević visited the Library “Marin Barleti” in Shkodra on June 28.

Visit was organized within international cooperation of our Library and as a part of the Agenda on cultural exchange recently signed between the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro and Ministry of Culture of Albania. Our delegation was composed of academicians Zuvdija Hodžić and Dimitrov Popović from the Bureau for Textbooks and Teaching Aids, who translated a number of works of contemporary Montenegrin writers into Albanian.

In a conversation with Gjovalin Cuni, the Director of the Shkodra Library, we agreed on the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between our institutions, and there is a plan to list everything in their possession related to Montenegro in order to define modalities on the use of this material in further proceedings. Mr. Cuni pointed out that this material is extensive and this is an opportunity to make it more systematized, since much of it has been kept in religious facilities and private libraries until recently. It was agreed that contemporary Albanian literature should be presented in the National Library of Montenegro, and Montenegrin in the Library of Shkodra. Also, it was agreed more intensive translation of both professional papers and literature in general, and those translations will be published in magazines printed by the two libraries.