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115 years since the birth of the famous Croatian author Franjo Alfirević was marked last night at the National Library of Montenegro “Đurđe Crnojević” in Cetinje.

Alfirević was born in Zadar, but is strongly rooted in Boka Kotorska by his poetical vocation and thematic preoccupations, it could be said that he is from Kotor. This statement is confirmed in the verses of the poem “Spomen na Boku”: “I could never say goodbye to you, the land of inexpressible beauty”.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia to Montenegro Veselko Grubišić and the Secretary of the Croatian National Council in Montenegro Ana Vuksanović spoke about his life and work.

Saying the verses of Alfirević’s poem “Putovi u jesen” Grubišić addressed the audience in Cetinje, wanting to enable them to experience his poetry. For him and his family, Ambassador Grubišić has only words of praise, since, as he said, he himself is a resident of Zadar during summer, and Zadar is a writer’s hometown. His own apartment is on the seafront, where Frano Alfirević has once lived and where now his children and relatives live.

“Before the arrival of me and my family in Zadar, until his death, he has mowed the overgrown grass on our terrace every year, which speaks a lot about him. My family and I will always cherish the nice memories of surname Alfirević”, Grubišić said.

The sea environment of Boka, as emphasized by the secretary of the Croatian National Council Ana Vuksanović, culminated with the atmosphere of the presence of past times, contributed to the upgrading of his lyrical expression.

“While reading Alfirević’s poetry logically selected topics that he repeatedly returned to and carefully selected motives that were part of the daily life in Boka, as black and white slides change in front of our eyes. Sometimes a bit faster, but mainly slowly, awakening in us specific emotions like melancholy, nostalgia, mourning, reflexivity and introspection”, said Vuksanović.

A documentary about Alfirević, entitled “Bokeški melanholik”, prepared by the writer and TV author Bogić Rakočević and made in co-production with TVCG and the Center for the Preservation and Development of Minority Cultures in Montenegro was projected at the end of the evening.