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The National Library of Montenegro “Đurđe Crnojević” marked last night five years since the death of the writer, publicist and journalist Miodrag Brkica Vuković.

In his speech dedicated to Vuković, the director of the Library, Bogić Rakočević, spoke about him and expressed his regret for remembering our best and most valuable writers only on some occasion or anniversary of death, and allowing them to fall into oblivion in the meantime.

“Brkica was a quiet, calm and unobtrusive man, and what characterized him was that he exaggerated in his own silence and you could sit with him in a tavern or somewhere else all day long without speaking a word, which happened to me many times”, said Rakočević. However, as he pointed out, those were not moments spent in vain and there was some magnetism in them, some metaphysics, it was not boring to observe him and that silence shared with him could awaken in you the desire to write.

Speaking about the significance and position of his poetic opus in recent Montenegrin poetry, Rakocević emphasized his talent and inclination to give the past and his existential space a humorous and satirical dimension in which, like in the works of Cubist masters, everything is distorted, confused and deformed.

“Miodrag Vuković created his poems with quick changes of short, seemingly simple statements without any striking picturesqueness. His thematic outcomes were related to the fragments of urbanity, the space of ambiguous and misleading, in which intertwined construction, or creation and deconstruction. Destructive climate implies superficiality as an important decision of the world without true values”, he said.

Rakočević put an accent on his characteristic ridicule of the provincialism and those who admire their own reflection in someone else’s mirror and do not understand their real situation, emphasizing that Vuković is labeled as literary “exotic and exclusive, marginal in the center of the target, as an outsider on whom favorites bet”.

A documentary about Vuković, which was filmed within the “Poetika Montenegrina” project was shown at the event.