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Poetry radio drama “Dobra voda” according to the verses of Ćamil Sijarić, and written and directed by Mirsad Rastoder, was presented last night at the National Library of Montenegro “Đurđe Crnojević” in Cetinje.

According to the author of this project, poetry should be promoted as the essence of literature, in a different way, close to the new generations.

“The goal of this radio drama is to bring closer the poetry of Ćamil Sijarić, which, unfortunately, is little known. That’s what the radio is very much called for, as well as for many other stories that will touch you, inspire you to think and create something new”, said Rastoder.

Director of the National Library of Montenegro “Đurđe Crnojević”, Bogić Rakočević pointed out that the radio drama”Dobra voda” is a confirmation that this art genre is not fading away, and that a nice future is ahead of it.

“It was a great challenge to take on one of the works of Ćamil Sijarić, a literary grandeur, because we all know that this is a great writer who marked contemporary post-war literature, not only Montenegrin but also wider”, Rakočević said, adding that Rastoder in a nice way managed to link the basic characteristics of Sijarić’s work, and first of all to evoke his very important dimension – the storytelling dimension.

Cetinje audience was also addressed by Radio Director of Montenegro Radojica Bulatović, poetess Dragana Tripković and journalist Vlado Rajković.

Poetry drama based on the verses of Ćamil Sijarić was made in the form of narrative, spontaneous conversation of mountaineers who, resting beside the spring, play with verses and discover the symphony of life, language and wisdom that shine in the perfection of simplicity. Next to Dobra voda good people gather together and testify about the relation between cultural traditions, humanity, love, and noble feelings of soul and life.