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A novel “Tuđemilski svici” by Slobodan Vukanović, published last year in edition of the National Library of Montenegro “Đurđe Crnojević”, was presented last night to the Cetinje audience in the Library.

In the introduction to the novel, Mr. Vukanović wrote that he was enchanted by letters, as by wine and nectar, and letters became magical. They lived and revived the distant worlds. Books became a chest more valuable than gold. Only readers could open that magical chest and fill it with ducats of words. The letters were, as he wrote, the key for the opening, the foundation for the building and the roof of each church and home. They captivate with acknowledgement.

Dr. Čedomir Bogićević and reviewer Borislav Cimeša spoke about the work, and writer Sreten Vujović read the passage from the novel.

Vukanović published books of poetry: “Ljubibiće”, “Zvezdano perje”, “Snimci kasete brodskog dnevnika”, “Svemirska seoba Montenegro”, “Kuda ćemo”, “Čamac kašika”, “Krilate ribe nose zlatoustog Jeromonaha”, “Kuće mirišu na magle”, “Nije za nježne”,  “Nećeš mi vjerovati, Amalija je postala vjetrenjača”, “Djevojčica sa glavom pomorandže”, as well as 10 books for children. A novel “Ključ Klatno” was published in 2006, and a book “Pet libreta za balet” in the same year.

His dramas were performed in the theater and on the radio. It is represented in over 30 anthologies, panoramas and selections. His poetry was in elementary school textbooks: “Izbor iz savremene crnogorske poezije za djecu” and “Savremena crnogorska poezija”, and in reading books: “Kako to može” for the first and the second grade and “Čarolija čitanja” for the first grade. He was translated into English, Russian, French, Belarusian, Italian, Arabic, German, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Kazakh, Slovenian, Macedonian, Turkish, Bulgarian and Albanian.