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Literary tribune by Snežana Radojičić and the promotion of the book “North Korea – Journey through the Land of Kim Jong-Un” took place last night at the National Library of Montenegro “Đurđe Crnojević” in Cetinje.

Snežana Radojičić was born in Belgrade in 1967. She graduated from the Department of Yugoslav and General Literature. The first book, the narrative “Dok su duše lutale” she published as the winner at the contest of Matica srpska, within the edition “Prva knjiga”, in 1994.The second book, the collection of stories “LP – lične priče”, was published in 2005. A novel “Zakotrljaj me oko sveta” was published as author’s edition in 2014, and travelogues “Preko Himalaja i Gobija” and “Nomad”.

Ms. Radojičić does not have a permanent place of life because she has been traveling around the world on a bicycle since 2011, staying in various countries for short or long time. She has crossed about 55,000 kilometers and visited 40 countries. She talked about the biggest challenges during her seven-years old “rolling”, pointing out the strong impression that “the most favorite and most unusual country in the world – North Korea” left on her.

“North Korea is a very specific country, and the way of travel through it is similar. It is interesting how much people are closed for some things and information, and even more interesting how open they are in some segments and they surprise you with their acting”, she said.

This writer told the audience in Cetinje that visa can be easily obtained, if we pay for an arrangement, and that Korea cannot be compared to other countries in terms of its beauty.

“You can only go to North Korea as a member of an organized tourist group. There is no freedom of movement and you are always accompanied by two guides, but I can say with certainty that it is one of the safest countries in the world and that nothing can happen to you there, you just have to follow the rules”, said Radojičić.

Snežana also spoke about experiences and people in other countries, adding that, comparing to us, there is no noticeable difference.

“There is no difference between people, except for the color of skin, language and customs. It’s not that only our people are good, and the rest are just bad because they are not us. People are all the same and they want to help a passenger. The world is a much nicer place than the media represent it”, concluded Radojičić.