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Marković: Njegoš Has Always Been in His Cetinje and in His Montenegro with His Whole Being

Njegoš’s Room was opened by the Prime Minister of Montenegro, Mr. Duško Marković, at the National Library of Montenegro “Đurđe Crnojević” in Cetinje, on Friday, November 17.

Prime Minister Marković believes that opening the Njegoš’s Room at the Library is a good way to repay as much as we know and can to this great mind that our homeland has produced.

“This Room has a certain peculiarity, precisely because it is located in the National Library of Montenegro, and Njegoš was not only a ruler in his time, but a state librarian, in a sense, because it was he who in 1832 established the library in the form necessary to exist in every civilized country”, Marković said.

Mr. Bogić Rakočević, Director of the National Library “Đurđe Crnojević” agreed with him and he pointed out that it is absolutely natural that the most important library in Montenegro devotes a part of its space to our most important writer.

“We dedicated this Room to Njegoš as a sign of lasting respect and gratitude to him who ennobled us, touched us with his divine light and made us proud, showing the world that even in small nations genius can be born”, Rakočević said.

According to Prime Minister Marković, this prominent writer and ruler showed in his works that he belongs to all those who understand him, and with special pleasure he opened the mentioned room.

“Njegoš has surely weaved a call for coexistence in his poetics. In his works the three socio-cultural codes on which today’s Montenegro is established: Orthodox, Islamic and Catholic can be clearly distinguished. I open this room solemnly and symbolically. I say symbolically, because Njegoš has always been in his Cetinje and in his Montenegro with his whole being”, Marković pointed out.

The bibliography of Njegoš, in our country and in the world, contains about 20 thousand units, but as the director of the Library, Mr. Rakočević, believes, we can always think of his works over and over again, finding a new meaning and significance in them each time.

“With his earthly and spiritual struggle, Njegoš transcends his time. He, as a poet, prophet, bard and bishop, changes us and put us in front of impassable. He is the magician of Montenegrin language and literature, our literary giant, who denotes what is universal and historical, and thus reveals a special aesthetic to us”, concluded Rakočević.

Njegoš’s room contains the editions of his works and their foreign languages translations, manuscripts, reprint editions, theater posters, personal and state letters, his portraits and other important documents that are the property of the National Library and it will serve as a special reading room in which scientists, pupils and students, as well as users in general will have the chance to get acquainted with Njegoš’s work directly.