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World Poetry Day


The National Library of Montenegro “Đurđe Crnojević” marked the World Poetry Day by a book exhibition.

Montenegrin poet, prose writer and playwright Dušan Govedarica opened the book exhibition created by the library consultant Milenija Vračar and delivered a speech on poetry.

Miroslav R. Zečević, a poet from Nikšić, also introduced his verses to the Cetinje’s audience.

Pupils from the elementary school “Savo Kažić” from Barutana paid their contribution by performing the recitals “Vještica” and “Mama je glagol”, prepared by the well-known Cetinje’s poet Sreten Vujović.

Let us remind you, Unesco proclaimed 21 March as World Poetry Day in 1999,

Podsjetimo, UNESKO je 1999. godine 21. mart proglasio za Svjetski dan poezije, stressing that “the purpose of the proclamation of the World Poetry Day is to contribute to the promotion of reading, writing, publishing and teaching of poetry throughout the world, as well as to give fresh recognition and impetus to national, regional and international poetry movements”.